About AEBS

Executive Committee Members

Denise Clarke

Wendy Lindo - Secretary

Camille Logan - Ex-officio

Shayna MacDonald - Co-chair

Darcie Sutherland - Co-chair

Kimberley Tavares - Co-chair


Area of Focus


Professional Learning
  • To build a learning network of educators that develops professional practice leading to the success of students of African heritage
  • Encourage the use of links to Board policy, the Equity Strategy in Annual Learning and School Improvement Plans
  • Investigate, disseminate, and discuss information related to the effective education of students of African heritage
Parent, Family & Community Engagement
  •  To build networking opportunities with community partners to help us achieve our mission
  •   Inform students of opportunities for personal and academic development
  • To foster a learning network to mentor both student leaders and staff in their efforts to achieve academic, social and career success 
  • Identify and mentor student leaders
  • Support marginalized and disengaged students
  • Mentor teachers and staff through their professional career toward leadership opportunities
Equity and Inclusive Education
  • To challenge racism in its various forms, particularly as it affects students and educators of African heritage.
  • Initiate, support and promote anti-racism and social justice education, and equity and inclusive practices in our schools
  • Provide support in the areas of student achievement and well-being
Active Engagement
  • To support students, staff and parents in successfully navigating the education system.
  •  Work to increase knowledge of the achievements and contributions of people of African heritage
  •  Act as a resource for the recruitment and retention of staff of African heritage
  •  Recognize and celebrate the success of students of African heritage and of staff members within YRDSB